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What will you accomplish when you have the most advanced, field-tested, self-evolving charisma system ever invented?

  • Gain Social Superpowers. Create a powerful connection with anyone at will. 

  • Be Heard. Finally get your ideas and insights across so you can make an impact.

  • Break The Mold. Learn to think in principles to make charisma your own.

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Charisma Is The Key To Social Success

What if people simply said "YES!" to you without you ever having to ask?

What is Charisma anyway?  How can we define possibly the most powerful force in the world? Well, it's:

  • Having the presence to be anywhere in the world and magnetise people towards you.

  • Having the charm to be able to say anything (even the rude things) with a panache that allows you to get away with murder.

  • Having the ability to connect with people so that you always have an army of dedicated friends or allies to call if you’re in need.

  • Having the unshakeable belief in yourself that makes you unstoppable and allows you to warp reality to your will. 

  • Having the spontaneity to never run out of things to say, tell jokes, stories, and master every single one of life’s curve balls.

  • Having the influence to talk your way out of trouble, into success, and use your verbal wit to dazzle those around you. 

  • Having a devil may care, glorious attitude; being able to live every day bouncing off the walls with energy and optimism.

Ultimately Charisma Is The Secret To Success For Making People Like You

And if people like you more, you’ll soon find that there is an amazing ripple effect through-out your life.

  • Your career will take off as you network your way to that promotion
  • Your social life will blossom as you never spend a Friday night at home in front of the TV again, staring at your phone hoping it will ring
  • Your love life will be off the charts as you develop super-human attractive qualities.
  • And inside yourself you will feel more satisfied, complete and joyous as a person. 

If it sounds great (or dare I say it ‘too good to be true’), well it isn’t. This is training we've honed for a combined 30 years, is full of useful advice, practical wisdom, and advanced education methods to really help you life a charismatic life. 


This course is intended for:

  • The Shy Student who wants to shout ‘I love my life’ in the library
  • The Ambitious Entrepreneur who hopes to network her way to success 
  • The Lonely Singleton who would like to meet someone with an equally good sense of humor
  • The Canny Business Leader who wants to motivate his workers to umpa lumpa levels
  • The Frustrated Worker who wants to nail that promotion they’ve been fighting for 
  • The Lovely Lady who wants to radiate ‘come get me tiger’ on a Friday night
  • The Handsome Chap who wants to have Hefner’s magnetism in his local boozer
  • The Team Leader who knows she can be a more effective manager
  • The Salesperson who wants people chomping their hand off for whatever they are offering
  • The Socialite who wants to charm every person at the party
  • The Conversationalist who wants freedom from being tongue-tied
  • The People-Person who wants to make their daily conversations sparkle
  • Anyone who wants to improve the way they communicate with other people




You will learn these principles which become the root of your being, the key to the life you want, and will eventually radiate out of you like a super power.  

Project Presence

Your days of fading into the social background are officially behind you. Presence teaches you how to radiate cool and attract social attention. Whether you want to be James Bond cool or Lady Gaga outrageous.  Be social dynamite and instantly magnetic.

Radiate Charm

Start doing what others say you can't and charming the birds out of the trees with the inexplicable feelings of comfort and warmth you create in others.  Create space for them and watch them open doors for you like never before.

Create Connection

Go from "Who are you?" to "I need you." in record time. Create long lasting friendships or partnerships. Learn how to bond with people and develop deep rapport. Make flaky friends a thing of the past and always have someone to call up for favor or a chat.

Harness Belief

Become the master of your own destiny. Write your own story of your life and invite others along the way. Develop a resilience and tenacity so powerful that nothing can stand in the way of your social success.

Command Spontaneity

Forget stumbling over what to say next in a conversation, or telling jokes that drop like lead balloons. The art of spontaneity will teach you how to make small talk with strangers, tell stories to new friends and make a whole room burst into laughter.

Exude Influence

Always know how to hit the nail on the head, and never stumble for how to react. Learn how to use your wit to take command of situations, and create the reaction you want whether it’s riotous laughter or gasps of amazement.

Beam Attitude

Never have a wall flower or shy guy moment again. Learn how you can feel indifference to the lows of life, and revel in the highs. Discover your true identity and nurture self belief. Develop a new mindset of positivity and start bouncing off the walls with energy today.

We Talk Our Walk

Jonny Dupre

Jonny Dupre obtained a B.S. in Human Development with an emphasis in Counseling from California State University San Marcos. Over the past 15 years, Jonny has accumulated a wide array of knowledge on human behavior, cognition, and social dynamics. It has been his passion and goal to discover the most effective tools and techniques to successfully guide clients to multiply their influence and effectiveness as quickly and profoundly as possible.


He began as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP and has since become an internationally renowned body language specialist with an expert standing in Advanced Micro-expression Training, Subtle Expression Recognition Training, Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC), and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC). He holds a Certificate in Brain-Based Leadership & Coaching, has improved the social skills of hundreds of clients throughout the world, and has taught charisma on four continents.


He combines these skills and experiences into powerful methodologies that allow him to connect with anyone across cultures, calibrate to any situation, and communicate and persuade in a way that is respectful and powerful.


Jonny combines his breadth of knowledge and skill sets to create a unique and powerful charisma methodology that works across cultures. His ability to create masterful principles that helps clients go from mediocre to amazing influence has rightfully earned him a reputation as one of the best international trainers on the planet.

Marcus Oakey

Marcus Oakey is the Founder of Your Charisma Coach and has taught thousands of people all around the globe to harness their own charisma in a way that helps them build a charismatic life.


Crippled by shyness in his early years, he realized that great conversation skills is what opens doors and helps you get ahead in life. Subsequently, he founded Your Charisma Coach with one goal in mind: to show you how to eradicate shyness, blitz social fear, connect to your inner core, and communicate your way to success.

Through intense study and experimentation he isolated the main principles that made great leaders magnetic. In time, he was not only able to develop world class levels of social skills, but benefit from the opportunities it created. 

He has dedicated the last ten years to training executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, to improve their people skills, double their social and interpersonal skills and become the charismatic leaders that the world needs.


If you get the chance to learn from Marcus, you won't want to miss that opportunity. He can turn somebody from being a boring plank of wood into someone who's interesting, fun and engaging.

Adam Lyons

Internationally Acclaimed Dating and Relationship Coach

Marcus can walk his talk so well that pretty much anyone that follows his advice will develop their own unique and irresistible way of charming the world.

Igor Ledochowski

Creator of "The Power of Conversational Hypnosis"

Charisma is at the heart of persuasion and Marcus is the go to guy to learn that skill. He is not only a great communicator, he is a brilliant teacher and he completely walks his talk.

Rintu Basu

Bestselling Author of "The Persuasion Skills Black Book"

Applied Charisma Technology

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